Venue Sustainability


Electricity Use Reduction

The Broadmoor houses a state-of-the-art Energy Management System that controls lighting, heating, temperature and many additional functions throughout the resort in the most efficient manner possible. Beginning in 2010, an on-going project to convert 30,000 light fixtures to compact fluorescents, cold cathode fluorescents and LEDs began. During recent renovations, old windows and mechanical distribution piping were replaced with thermal pane energy efficient windows and insulated piping.

Water Conservation

All guest room toilets are low-flow, and all showers are flow-restricted.

Display fountains run during restricted hours and are recirculating.

All irrigation systems have been updated to include vast drip irrigation systems, rain monitoring systems, and remote computer controlled operation.

Golf courses are certified Audubon Sanctuaries recognizing the highest level in environmental policies. Over 50 acres of highly maintained turfgrass have been converted to native grass varieties and wildflowers. Below ground moisture and temperature sensors communicate every five minutes with central irrigation computers. There are two onsite weather stations that communicate directly with central irrigation computers. All golf course irrigation field satellites and computers specifically dedicated for irrigation were recently upgraded. All sprinklers are individually adjusted for arc and trajectory to allow for effective irrigation, saving water in windy conditions. Non-potable water is used for irrigation of the grounds and golf courses.

Grounds and Landscaping

The Grounds Department is involved in an experimental greenhouse program that reduces the amount of plastic potting and recycles the plastic. Insect control involves specific species of insects and nematodes, along with environmentally friendly insecticides specific to each flower bed. All lawns are mowed with mulchers that return clippings to the ground for natural decomposition. Rosemary and peppermint plants are used in flower beds as deer repellents.

Waste and Recycling

Receptacles for paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and refuse metal recycling are located throughout the property. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has conducted inspection and training on recycling procedures. An employee group, the Conservation and Recycling Committee, oversees all of the resort's recycling activities.

Food and Beverage

The Broadmoor is one of the top sourcers of organic, locally grown produce from Arkansas Valley Organic Growers and Venetucci Farms.

All cooking grease is stored in drums and recycled into biodiesel.

Excess food used for large banquets and buffets that requires no additional heating or is packaged is donated to the local Marian House Soup Kitchen.

Excess food that requires heating is repurposed and served in The Broadmoor Employee Café at an affordable price.


The Spa at The Broadmoor features Uspa products with botanical ingredients that are sustainable, support free trade, and are organic.

For additional information on The Broadmoor’s sustainability program, please follow the link.

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